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Welcome to the TexasShoot-Out Homepage.

The Texas Shoot-Out has become a tradition that began more than 35 years ago. People travel thousands of miles to attend one of the greatest bow hunting adventures in the world today. The Texas Shoot-out is being hosted by the Legendary Chaparossa Ranch in Zavala County, and located 20 miles south of Uvalde. Please take a moment to browse the site.


Texas Shoot-Out 2016
February 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st
The 2016 Texas Shootout will be limited to the first 300 adult hunters pre-registered,We no longer do a gate registration.

Click Here for the new Camp Map!

This map only shows the Ranch maintained camping spot. The rest of the pasture is still available for camping without generators.

  Anyone wanting notification for future hunts to send their email address to texasshootout@yahoo.com as this is going to be the main notification method used in the future.

If you would like your photos from the 2015 Texas Shoot-Out to be featured in our gallery, please send them to John Michel by clicking HERE.

Texas ShootOut 2015 Recap

Plan you calendar now for the 2016 Texas ShootOut, it is scheduled for February 18 – 21, 2016. Hunters will be allowed on the Ranch the morning of the 17th to scout and mark hunting areas, and must be off the Ranch by Noon on 22nd.  We will again be hunting on the historic Chaparrosa Ranch just outside La Pryor, TX.
History: in 1836 the Chaparrosa Creek. Located just east of the camp area, was a live water stream. General Santa Anna camped his 1800 troops under the trees along the banks of the Chaparrosa Creek, enroute to the Alamo.  On March2, 1936, Texas declared its Independence.
Each year we are asked what the weather will be during the ShootOut. February weather in South Texas can be very fickle with temperatures ranging for 20s to 90s. Jackets & gloves in the mornings and short sleeves by mid-afternoon.
This year the number of Javelina taken was down from last year. Unlike last year, this year the ranch was sporting lots of new green grass and start up forbes. The ranch biologist believes that the new green-up had the javelin not coming to corn as they did last year.  In fact he was telling me before the hunt started that the javelin were feeding on the small yellow flowers that were springing up all over the ranch.   
Again this year we want to say AT-A-BOY to almost all of our hunters, for keeping trash picked up. The Ranch manager is very aware of our efforts to not leave trash scattered on the ranch. However we did have one area in the back corner of the camping area where some beer cans and corn bags were left lying around along with campfire ashes full of cans. As you can imagine one rain and the ashes are gone but the cans are still there.
If you have a camp fire, please scatter the ashes when leaving and pickup any cans and trash around your camp site.
ARRIVAL SAFETY for 2016, when arriving at the entry gate located on Hwy. 57, stay all the way over on the right shoulder until it is clear to turn across the Hwy into the ranch. Stopping in the traffic lane can be very dangerous due to the 18 wheeler traffic and high rate of speed that they are driving. The ShootOut staff will try and assist with getting trucks and trailers on to the ranch safely. TO ASSIST US PLEASE STAY AS FAR RIGHT AS POSSIBLE OUT OF THE TRAFFIC LANE AT ALL TIMES.
RANCH NOTE: The ranch is working very hard to grow big deer that will score over 200 inches. To assist with this program the ranch biologist has asked that all Sheds and Skulls be left where found   
Hunt Stories:
NO DRIVER: One of our hunters drove his ATV up to a ground slough  to check for activity. He got off to check for tracks, but forgot to shift into neutral. When he looked back the ATV had driven into the middle of the water. Glad it was only couple feed deep.  
COVERALLS: Another hunter was wearing coveralls with the shoulder straps. He was shooting a compound bow with release. After a great stalk he came to full draw and pressed the release.
What a surprise when he was jerked forward and the bow jerked backward. He and the bow met in the middle and he received a split lip. OUCH! (Caught the button on the coveralls with the string) Same thing happen to a staff members several years ago, I will not mention a name, Bret).

OVER THE RISE: Hunting is always better just over the rise. A hunter was telling me how he was seeing javelin some distance down the sendero, and decided to slip down and get a shot. After busting the stalk several times he headed back to his chair. As he topped the small rise he saw 8 to 10 javelin within 5 yards of his chair. This time the stalk worked and he arrowed a nice javelin. 

I am sure there are many stories that deserve to be told. If you would like to share a story about yourself and more than likely about your hunting buddy please send your e-mail to (dsmith@esd4.org

If you have ideas on how we can make the ShootOut even better please let us know by e-mailing your ideas. Cannot say we will implement them, but we would like to hear your ideas.
We hope you had a great hunt this year and hope to see you BACK AGAIN in 2016, and bring a friend. 

Sincerely Texas ShootOut Staff