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Welcome to the TexasShoot-Out Homepage.

The Texas Shoot-Out has become a tradition that began more than 34 years ago. People travel thousands of miles to attend one of the greatest bow hunting adventures in the world today. The Texas Shoot-out is being hosted by the Legendary Chaparossa Ranch in Zavala County, and located 20 miles south of Uvalde. Please take a moment to browse the site.


Texas Shoot-Out 2015
February 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd
The 2015 Texas Shootout will be limited to the first 300 adult hunters pre-registered,We no longer do a gate registration.

Click Here for the new Camp Map!

This map only shows the Ranch maintained camping spot. The rest of the pasture is still available for camping without generators.

  Anyone wanting notification for future hunts to send their email address to texasshootout@yahoo.com as this is going to be the main notification method used in the future.

If you would like your photos from the 2014 Texas Shoot-Out to be featured in our gallery, please send them to John Michel by clicking HERE.


2014 Hunt Comments from Don Smith

First off set your calender for February 19-22, 2015, the Chapararossa Ranch has invited us back, for those reading this update the Chaparrosa Ranch is located on Hwy 57 just west of La Pryor, Texas.

The 2014 hunt started with a really great group getting on the Ranch without mishap. An At-A-Boy goes to all of you who help us get off of Hwy 57 safely.

The Ranch wants us to let all hunters know what a GREAT JOB the hunters did in not leaving trash on the Ranch. GREAT JOB GUYS and GALS!!

I have to apologize to several hunters who I chewed on for being in a NO ACCESS area. I explained that we put up all the NO ACCESS signs so that people would not find themselves in a bad situation. Once we got our hunters turned around we went out the gate they entered, and guess what the NO ACCESS sign was unreadable. That was corrected ASAP.

It is very important to observe the NO ACCESS signs and map. The Casa Grande Security Guards take their job VERY SERIOUSLY.


Vendor List: If you are looking for a hunt, need a new bow or deer stand, maybe a custom bow sling, contact one of our vendors.

Woodsey Too Deer Stands, Granbury, Tx. Ronnie Bradford manufactures the most versatile line of tree stands, quad pods, ladders on the market. You can check then out at www.woodseytoo.com or give them a call at 1-817-573-0546

Animal Art Taxidermy, Tyler Vanderkolk 1-512-791-6049 give Tyler a call and get that Trophy mounted. See Samples at Archery Country, Austin, Tx. www.aataxidermy.com/

Bubba & Chris BBQ, some of the best breakfast tacos to go on early mornings. Thanks Bubba.

Comment and Tips from Chris, the Ranch Biologist:

The hunters did a better job this year by getting off the main senderos and working the flats. The Texas Shoot-Out archers are better than the average bow hunter. With a success percentage of over 44.5%, they are doing things right.

Here are Tips from Chris that are worth Repeating: "There are not many vehicles driving the Ranch daily, so game animals are not use to all the traffic."

Tip #1 Get off the roads and put your corn in the flats and sit downwind.

Tip #2 Don’t drive so much, just the sound of traffic will keep game from moving.

Tip #3 Try calling javelina if you bust’em, it really works.

Tip #4 Hunt all day, javelina feed during the day unlike feral pigs.

Tip #5 Use the wind and keep it quite.

"Remember our game animals are not use to all the traffic noise. If the hunters will take my advise they will harvest more game."




This year we had a large number of new javelina hunters and they are talking about how much fun they had on the hunt. Nothing beats a good javelina hunt.

And you can bet some hunters got exposed to calling the little pigs. Man it can be exciting when they run between your legs while popping the teeth. Nothing gets better than chasing javelina in the brush of South Texas.

We did have two guys needing to beg, borrow, or buy some extra arrows. The one guy (Clay ??) told me he never takes more than 6 arrows when he shoots 3D or deer hunts. Welcome to the Shoot-Out! The average arrow to javelina taken this year was 5 to 1 as best we could calculate.

This year the weather was great for javelina hunting. Cool damp morning that helped keep the dust down. And warm days with soft winds that help stalking the flats. What could be better than a good stalk on a group of javelina.

Biggest Javelina was 43.5 and the smallest javelina was 3.5 with a 44.5% Success rate.

If you have pictures that you would like placed on the website please send them to texasshootout@yahoo.com

The Texas Shoot-Out staff members want to say thanks to all the hunters who picked up trash even when it was not their trash. THANK YOU!