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Welcome to the TexasShoot-Out Homepage.

The Texas Shoot-Out has become a tradition that began more than 32 years ago. People travel thousands of miles to attend one of the greatest bow hunting adventures in the world today. The Texas Shoot-out is being hosted by the Legendary Chaparossa Ranch in Zavala County, and located 20 miles south of Uvalde. Please take a moment to browse the site.


Texas Shoot-Out 2013
February 21st , 22nd , 23rd & 24th
The 2013 Texas Shootout will be limited to the first 300 adult hunters pre-registered,We no longer do a gate registration.

Click Here for the new Camp Map!

This map only shows the Ranch maintained camping spot. The rest of the pasture is still available for camping without generators.

  Anyone wanting notification for future hunts to send their email address to texasshootout@yahoo.com as this is going to be the main notification method used in the future.

If you would like your photos from the 2011 Texas Shoot-Out to be featured in our gallery, please send them to John Michel by clicking HERE.


2012 Hunt Comments from Don Smith

Well the 2012 Texas Shootout has come and gone and the 2013 Shoot-Out has been scheduled for February 20th  - 24th  on the Legendary Chaparossa Ranch in La Pryor, Texas.

I can tell you that the ranch manager was very happy with the TSO hunters and the way they took care of the ranch. In almost every case the campsites were clean and only three beer cans and one water bottle were found on the roads. OUTSTANDING

Before the hunt started we drove many ranch roads checking the new marker flags. Most were completed correctly with name and receipt number. For those, we gave a smiley face. For those that were not correct we gave a frowning face.

During the hunt while checking flags we wrote on the flag indicating what animals were seen on the corn while hunters were not present. We were surprised at the number of Javelina and hogs seen with no hunters present.

On the second day of the hunt we were driving south on a sendero checking hunters and came up on a group of five javelinas feeding on corn. We were sure that we had seen some flags in this area on the first day and we began glassing for a hunter. We spotted him about 75 to 80 yards further south on the sendaro, asleep in his chair. Rather than spoke the javelina we backed up and drove around. About 20 minutes passed as we worked our way around and drove north back to the sleeping hunter. Who was still sawing ZZZ's. We were no more than 15 yards from him when he awoke. We asked if he was seeing anything and he said it had been real slow, nothing moving. (It’s hard to see javelina with your eyes closed) (I know this first hand). Then we pointed out the javelinas that were on his corn. He said they must have just come out because he had been watching that area. For ten minutes we watched him make a great stalk. This was followed by two missed shots at about 35 yards. When he got back to the truck he told us that he was shooting a new bow and had not had time to check his sights.

Later that same day we were out on the ranch and watched as a hunter made a perfect bounce-in kill shot with a longbow shooting wood arrows and home made flint points. Well so much for checking sights, fast compounds bows and the latest expanding broad heads.

As you may have noticed we were able to get some better lighting up for the compound area and skinning rack. What a difference some good lighting makes when skinning animals.

The new flagging system worked great with many hunters giving us positive feedback. ( No flagging was found after the hunt by Staff Personnel or Ranch Personnel, Great Job) There were a couple of cases where flags were removed and the wire was still on the tree limbs. As it turns out after some observation, we found that cattle were eating the tags or just pulling them down.

After all the numbers came in the success (kill) ratio was only 27%. However the opportunity ratio was closed to 100%. We did not talk to every hunter after the hunt, but we did survey close to 60 hunters. Based on the 60 hunters surveyed the results were interesting.

. Average shots taken per hunter 5

. Average stalks blown per hunter 7

. Longest kill shot 60 yards

. Longest shot taken at a beer can 110 yards

. Shortest kill shot 2 yards

. Most missed shots by one hunter 12 before getting javelin        with 13th arrow.

Five Javelina over 40 lbs. were weighed in with the largest at 45.9 lbs. The average weight was 33.4 lbs. and the smallest javelina was 14.7 lbs. When buddies ribbed the hunter about the small javelina, he was quoted as saying; “The Big Ones Are Easy to Hit, So I Like to try for the Smaller Targets.”

Before the hunt started we had many hunters calling to let us know that they could not attend due to constraints. With the economy in the tank lots of our regulars are finding it harder to get time off. However to continue holding the Texas Shoot-Out we need our hunter numbers to return to 200+. With that said tell a friend, or better yet, bring a friend. This is a great hunt for new and seasoned bow hunters. The Texas Shoot-Out is all about having fun and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.

Now that the dust has settled the 2013 Shoot-Out has been scheduled for February 21st to the 24th on the Legiondary Chaparossa Ranch in La Pryor, Texas. Hope we see you there with a new bow hunter in tow.

If you have pictures from 2012 hunt please send them to texasshootout@yahoo.com  and John will get the on the website.

Thanks for a great hunt

Don Smith

Comment and Tips from the Ranch Biologist

Tip #1 Get off the roads and put your corn in the flats and sit downwind.

Tip #2 Don’t drive so much, just the sound of traffic will keep game from moving.

Tip #3 Try calling javelina if you bust’em, it really works.

Tip #4 Hunt all day, javelina feed during the day unlike feral hogs.

Tip #5 Use the wind and keep it quite.

Remember there are only 6 trucks on this ranch and the game animals are not use to all the traffic noise. If the hunters will take my advise they will harvest more game.

Vendor List

Bubba & Chris BBQ, Breakfast tacos, Sausage wraps, cold drinks and it’s next to the fresh water well.

Woodsey Too Deer Stands, Granbury, Tx. Ronnie Bradford manufactures the most versatile line of tree stands, quad pods, ladders on the market. You can check then out at www.woodseytoo.com or give them a call at 1-817-573-0546

Animal Art Taxidermy, Tyler Vanderkolk 1-512-791-6049 give Tyler a call and get that Trophy mounted. See Samples at Archery Country, Austin, Tx. www.animal_art_taxidermy@yahoo.com

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Sarrel’s Archery, Austin, Tx. Bob & Son Zach builds custom bows in his South Austin Shop www.sarrelsarchery.com or contact Bob at 1-512-940-3098